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The Cyril Ross Nursery is an Institution owned and operated by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul . It houses thirty-five (35) children and is responsible for the medical management of thirty other children living with their Parents and or Guardians in different parts of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our staff of twenty-five, care for the children at the home on a twenty four hour basis while having to, at some time during each month, deal with some aspect of each of the out-patients' management.

Once monthly Medical Clinics are held at the home to ensure that the children are in the best of health at all times especially with the Antiretroviral medication which they must take.

Our medical team comprises Dr. Nosa Everest Omo-Igbinomwanhia, our volunteer doctor, Dr. David John who now attends bi-monthly from the U.S. , nurses Claire Thomas and Elsa Grant together with the nursery staff. At out-patients clinic every month, lectures or relevant videos are presented for the parents/guardians information.

At the start of each out-patient's Antiretroviral Treatment, the child is normally housed at the Cyril Ross Home for at least two weeks for observation by staff and Dr. Nosa.

Viral Loads are done on each child at least three times per year at a cost of $20,000.00, and is sponsored by the Pour L'Innocent Group. CD4 counts are done twice yearly at a cost of $12,000.00. LFT's are done twice yearly at a cost of $18,000.00

All the children also attend their hospital clinic visits whenever scheduled at the Mount Hope Pediatric Hospital , and are hospitalized if and whenever necessary.

Several of the children attend various extra curricular activities after school hours or on Saturdays such as; Remedial Classes, Math Classes, Computer Classes, Sewing Classes.

Spirituality is an essential aspect of life at the Nursery. The Nursery is equipped with a quiet-room where the children are encouraged to spend time in reflection/meditation and at other times, prayer sessions are held there.

All the children attend Holy Mass at the St. Charles R.C. Church weekly and attend classes for the Sacraments as their ages dictate. The older children are also taught the use of the Holy Bible.

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