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Social activities are arranged for the children by the management, staff, volunteers, friends of the home, corporate citizens to name a few; and could include large groups of the children, small groups or even just individuals.

They are taken to sporting activities, nature expeditions, social gatherings, the beach, cinema, parties and are also invited to the homes of individuals to spend some time. The older children also do most of their shopping for personal items with little or no supervision while the younger ones are taught how to make purchases.

They are also introduced to grocery and market shopping and are encouraged to pay the various bills for the home, eg. the phone bill. The older children are also encouraged to open a savings account for themselves which is closely monitored by management.

Several children are seen by a clinical psychologist once weekly for specific problems, while others are awaiting assessment.

It is our hope that all our children be assessed and their psychological needs be catered to as soon as can be arranged. A psychiatrist also is available upon request for assessment if required.

Transportation costs are of course astronomical. Some of these costs are defrayed by the Secretariat for the hired maxi taxi for the primary school children; St. Joseph SVP Conference; the Curepe SVP Conference and several donors who assist whenever possible.

We however always remain with a shortfall of several hundred dollars a month. An absolute necessity for the home therefore, is a bus and driver.

Tragedy wears faces, but none so compelling as that of a child. The thirty-five (35) children of the Cyril Ross Children's Home for children with HIV/AIDS have already had more than their fair share of tragedy.

The Home is situated on two lots of land at El Dorado Road Tunapuna, initially donated to the Catholic Church in 1958. Run by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul , it is named after Fr. Cyril Ross, former parish priest of Tunapuna and former Seminary Rector.

Originally, the facility operated as a Day Care centre for children of the working poor of the Macoya area and a nominal fee was charged for child care services. However, as the Trinidad and Tobago economy began the long slide into recession, an increasing number of parents were laid off and the Centre fell into disuse.

Meanwhile the AIDS pandemic exploded in the late 70's and early 80's.

In the face of this situation, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul , in keeping with its mission statement to "befriend and minister to the poor as Christ did", turned its considerable energies towards the creation of a residential facility for the custody and care of children infected with HIV/AIDS and whose parents may have died.

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