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In January, 2000, the Cyril Ross Nursery started a HIV/AIDS Children's Clinic with the aim of giving the children good medical evaluation on a regular basis so as to make them live a better quality of life even in their immune-deficiency state with or with out antiretroviral medications.

Before the clinic was started, Dr. David John and later Dr. Nosa Everest Omo-Igbinomwanhia saw to the medical needs of the children as the need arose until the idea of the clinic was nurtured to enable us to see to all the other children in a more comprehensive manner using a model developed as a team approach concept.

At the end of these clinic sessions a team meeting is held to review each child's needs from a medical and psycho-social standpoint. This team is comprised of Dr. David John, Dr. Nosa Everest Omo-Igbinomwanhia, Nurse Claire Thomas, Hyacinth Cross - Manager of the nursery and senior supervisory caregivers at the nursery.

The year 2001 saw the introduction of the clinic services being extended to outpatients. These out patients are HIV positive but not residing in the Cyril Ross Nursery but with their surviving parent or extended family. The goal is to extend the same level high quality care to this group of patients.

At present 20 outpatients are seen in every clinic session. These clinics are held every 4-6 weeks.

Out of the 22 children on antiretroviral medication, close to 60% now have undetectable viral loads. This indeed is a remarkable achievement. This success rate is unprecedented given the limited resources which is at the Nursery's disposal.

This level of success is a result of the dedication of the daily staff at the Nursery and the support and contributions of our steadfast benefactors namely the Hibiscus Foundation, Pour L'Innocent, British West Indies Airways and the Lions Club. Indeed a lot of additional levels of support come from individuals and other corporate entities.

The truth is our work has now begun because the modern approach to HIV/AIDS is that of any other chronic disease such as hypertension, diabetes or asthma. While there is no cure, state of the art treatment is available so much so that no one diagnosed as HIV positive today is expected to die as a result of HIV positive today is expected to die as a result of HIV if properly managed. This truly tells the success of intervention with antiretroviral medications.

With the continued support of our current benefactors and with the proposed relationship we intend to forge with the government of Trinidad & Tobago, the Cyril Ross family is committed to serving individuals and families infected/affected by HIV/AIDS in a more comprehensive, compassionate and holistic manner.

In November, 2002, the United Nations selected the Cyril Ross Nursery project as the first to be highlighted in a ten-part series focusing on HIV/AIDS to be filmed and aired on the Showtime Network.

Pursuant to this, Hollywood actor, Danny Glover, the UNDP Goodwill Ambassador visited Trinidad & Tobago. Mr. Glover interfaced with the political directorate of the country, visited the Nursery and engaged in a public session with the media with a view to raising the level of awareness of HIV/AIDS and influencing both the government's and the public's approach to persons affected by the virus.

The UN sponsored television programme was first aired on Showtime on Sunday 12 th January, 2003 and has since been repeated on a number of occasions.

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