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The Youth Co-ordinating Team was established in October 2003 to promote the works of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul with the objective of recruiting young people to join the membership. The Team, consisting of representatives from Junior Conferences across the country, would be responsible for initiating promotional activities within their parishes, vicariates etc.

Currently the Team comprises members from Siparia, Petit Valley , Sangre Grande, Chaguanas, St. James, Diego Martin, La Horquetta, Mt. Lambert and Tobago. The Team has been involved in spiritual retreats, lectures, visitation and social activities as part of its development and formation process. Christmas 2004 was spent with the residents of the San Fernando Home for Aged Men.

The Team is accountable and responsible for the following:

•  Each member is a recognized co-ordinator in their respective parish/area and is responsible for initiating promotional activities on the Society's work to different groups of young people - confirmation, altar servers, post-first communion.

•  The Team is responsible for promoting the work of the Society throughout the country.

•  Hosting events to encourage and uplift the Society's young people.

•  Provide technical and spiritual support for existing Junior Conferences throughout the Archdiocese.

•  Assist the Society at National events.

The Team's Mission Statement:-

"Spirit-led Catholic youth bringing Christ out of the Church, into the world".

The Team is co-ordinated by Sr. Angelique Taylor from the St. John's Conference, Diego Martin who is responsible for:

•  Co-ordinating the Team's evangelistic efforts.

•  Reporting the Team's activities to the National Executive and at other fora.

•  Basic administration of the Team's activities, inclusive of making arrangements for meetings (transport, safety, preparation of minutes).

Any parish wishing to establish a Junior Conference or requiring information on the Society of St. Vincent De Paul can contact the Team's co-ordinator at 632-2040(home), 682-7150 (cell). Persons can also contact the nearest co-ordinator:

Marcus Edwin - St. Anthony's, Petit Valley

Creech Blenman - St. Mary's, Mucurapo

Darren John - St. Francis of Assisi

Jevon Cox - St. Phillip and St. James, Chaguanas

Krystle Alexander - La Horquetta R.C.

Jeselle Nelson - La Pastora, Siparia

Fayola Rogers - St. Joseph , Scarborough , Tobago

Kandice Serrant - Mt. Lambert , San Juan

through the Secretariat, 20 Duncan Street , Port of Spain

Telephone Numbers: 623-4926 or 625-3562.

In 2004, the Team spoke with young people of St. Joseph , Tobago and Arima which produced new members into the respective conferences. Young people under the age of 12 from Carenage have also formed a Junior Conference called "Peterkins". Another group in Mt. Lambert Parish was established with the help of the Senior Conference and the Team. It is proposed to visit the parishes of Mayaro, San Fernando , San Juan and return to those established in 2004 during 2005.

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